Apple Product Launch: Apple introduces iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Apple Watch.

So Called Budget iPhone XR

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Apple has just  introduced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Apple Watch.

Best upgrade on Apple watch Series 4 packed with S4 chipset which is more effcient then S3 chipset. New AMOLED Screen which is 30% bigger than the last Apple Watch. What is amazing is that Apple watch feature Fall detection, in which if a person will Fall watch will detect instantly and an emergency call will be placed to a selected person. The impossible moment is that Apple Series 4 Watch feature ECG (ELECTROCARDIOGRAM) which can detect heart rate and will notify the abnomality heart rate and heart rhythm pattern.


Now iPhone XS and XS Max with little more changes. XS and XS Max feature A12 Bionic Hexa Core Chipset which is 35% more faster than A11 Bionic. Nothing is changed at all in XS and XS Max got the big screen 6.8 inches. Besides pricing and big screen it is same old iPhoneX.

The main showstopper of the event was iPhone XR.This smartphone featured same chipset and everything but lack 2 major things. One is the OLED SCREEN and second the  DUAL CAMERA setup, wshich doesn’t matter at all. What matter the most is the  pricing. iPhone XS starts from 999$  iPhone XS Max starts from 1099$ and now the so called budget phone iPhone XR starts from 749$. Its not worth it.

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