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Sony Mobiles – Sony Phones Price in Pakistan

Sony Mobiles formerly referred to as Sony Ericsson a multinational company based in Tokyo, Japan. Sony was famous before due to their electronic gadgets but now it is famous due to Sony phones.

Sony mobile’s design and builds AndroidOS based smart phones under a sub-brand called Xperia. Sony also created many digital accessories like Sony Camera (Alpha), Sony Tablets, Sony Smart watches, Sony Trackers and software for the Smartphone. Sony Mobiles are the pioneers of IP Ratings in Sony phones. At the very beginning when Sony part ways with Ericsson Sony Phones introduced IP Rating to their phones. Xperia Z was the first phone which was introduced with IP 57 dust/water resistant (up to 1m. and 30 mins). After sometime Sony phones introduced front facing speakers which are common now days. Comparatively, Sony phones priced a little higher than other companies because of their software, camera, IP ratings and other quirks but easily buyable.

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