OPPO Becomes the Number 1 Smartphone Brand in Pakistan

September 14th, 2019, Lahore – Leading global smartphone brand OPPO has continued their success with the achievement of a major milestone, becoming number one in sales volume in the Pakistani market in the months of June and July of 2019 according to Canalys, a leading global technology and smartphone market analyst firm.


Despite the shrinkage of the total market size for smartphones in Pakistan, OPPO continued to reinforce their commitment to the Pakistani market and focus on increased localization in their strategy to take the top position in this market. OPPO is aiming for a stronger brand presence across Pakistan to further their brands strength in the mobile market across all segments.


According to the report, Pakistan’s smartphone shipments for the month of July’19 were at 0.7 Million Units. OPPO’s dominance was instated by the highest vendor share at 36 per cent across Pakistan. As a result OPPO led the way with a staggering market share of 25 per cent, with Samsung playing catch up at 19 per cent.  


Alongside their brand goals, OPPO is laying out long-term plans which include focusing on upscaling the workforce by generating employment opportunities. Ali Kakvi, Director Marketing OPPO stated, “Not only are we pioneering the technology platform, we are also creating revolutionary products with unmatched craftsmanship that really enrich our consumers’ lives. With our wide range of highly economical smartphones available at a variety of price points, OPPO is growing at an exponential rate in Pakistan that we are looking forward to maintaining.”

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