WhatsApp has a HUGE BUG; Lets anyone see your messages

This is serious GUYS.....

So, recently a woman spoke about a bug that she brought a new phone and she logged into whatAapp account but when she logged in she saw the messages of the past user of the device. The alleged flaw was spotted by Amazon employee Abby Fuller, who tweeted: ‘Logged into WhatsApp with a new phone number today and the message history from the previous number’s owner was right there?!

Fuller claimed she bought a new phone which has a number registered to a previous user – which is quite common. But this number was still registered with WhatsApp. Fuller claimed this let her see someone else’s messages. Now, this alleged bug won’t be an issue for you if you never swap numbers.

There are ways to log into your WhatsApp, like direct login or change number option. In change number option the messages and groups you’re in do not go away but the contact number for you changes.

I guess this issue is like misunderstanding of her. She did something that went wrong and she decided to speak about it on social media.

Others, just be careful and keep a check on your devices and its apps.

Source: https://www.oyeyeah.com/blogs/whatsapp-has-a-huge-bug-lets-anyone-see-your-messages/


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