Apple Discontinues AirPower Wireless Charging Mat, production Stopped

And you know WHY ??

The reason why Apple discontinued AirPower because it failed to meet the standards of their hardware. While on the other hand AirPods are also cited as a source of Cancer in another research.

The major reason was citing which stopped the production of charging mat was Apple Engineers were unable to prevent the heat up that charging mat was causing.

After intense efforts, we have came to a conclusion that AirPower is no longer achieve our benchmarks, so we decided to cancel this product.

Apple HQ

People around the world are very fond off AirPower so they found alternatives which are better than the original AirPower.

The cancellation of product will decline the sales of Apple. As well as it will further decline the sales of Apple AirPods which has already been in the after 250 scientists have declared it lethal for health.


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